Our Dino Team

At Comtura, we're passionate about leaving sales admin in the dinosaur era, and building something that makes people more successful and excited about their work!

  • Hector Forwood


    Hector completed 2,500 software demos and was so pained with updating the CRM after each call he landed upon fixing the problem which was Comtura's inception. His background is in scaling from Seed to Series B and executed multiple international GTMs. Hector specialises in Sales Ops, Sales enablement and GTM.

  • Santi Barbat

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Santiago (Santi) Barbat is an Experienced Fullstack Developer. He had worked in a different number of companies sizes and technologies since the age of 12 (19 years so far). In the last few years, Santi has been working on a different number of startups as a developer as well as a lead. He loves the startup environment and what an empowered small team of human beings from different backgrounds can build.

  • Christiaan Swart

    Co-Founder & CIO

    Chris' main interest is Natural Language Processing (NLP), an applied machine learning technique. He enjoys speaking at meetups, conferences, and podcasts, notably speaking at Minds Mastering Machines machine learning conference in 2018, Apache Beam Summit Europe 2019 and DataTalks.club 2022. He considers himself a global citizen and loves learning about different cultures and languages.

  • Gregory Swart

    Data Analyst

    Gregory is a Data Analyst with experience in developing data visualisation web applications and multivariate modelling in R. He has worked on building out Back End processes and building machine learning models to classify or extract data from natural language texts. He is passionate about analyzing any data he can get his hands on, the stranger the results the better.

  • Eduardo Allen

    Fullstack Developer

    Eduardo is a Fullstack Developer with experience in developing for CRM such as Salesforce. He has successfully managed small teams of developers in the past, and worked on apps that focus on social media engagement optimization, as well as Web Apps in the Cryptocurrency and Technology space.

  • Aimée Rawlings

    Front-End Developer / Product Manager

    Aimee is a Front-End Developer with previous experience in UI design and digital marketing. She’s spent over six years working with early-stage startups, from inception to acquisition. She is passionate about new technology, user experience and bringing good vibes to any team she is part of.