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Automate Salesforce Data Entry in 3 Easy Steps

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    Hector Forwood
Automate Salesforce Data Entry in 3 Easy Steps

Let's face it, data entry sucks.

Ask any sales rep and they'll tell you it's one of the most tedious parts of their job. 20 open Salesforce tabs and all that switching back and forth to get things done? thank you.

But manual data entry goes beyond just being annoying and repetitive. It can have a real impact on revenue and team performance.

Also, if you had the power to automate Salesforce data entry why WOULDN'T you do it? Doing things manually makes life difficult for everyone.

It's a time suck

Sales reps spend about 20% of their time (wasted) doing CRM data entry. That's time that could be spent engaging with customers, following up, and closing deals.

Even just relaxing and recharging between meetings would be a better use of time copying and pasting things over and over again.

It's draining

Going through handwritten meeting notes, rewatching meetings and trying to remember talking points only to then have to manually all of that information into Salesforce is draining.

All that tedious, repetitive work is unfulfilling, affects rep and team morale (not in a good way) and can lead to burn out. It can also lower work satisfaction and affect client relationships.

Automating Salesforce data entry can help take the stress away and give reps their time back so they can focus on meaningful work.

It's counterproductive

If wasting time and draining energy weren't enough, manually entering data into Salesforce can actually be counterproductive.

Spending hours doing mindless work inevitably leads to mistakes, missing or incomplete data, and carelessness.

Using Salesforce data entry automation tools means reps can be more engaged, creative and ready to interact with prospects with more enthusiasm.

More enthusiasm = more sales 😎

How to automate data entry in Salesforce

All of the above problems are very real, and they only get worse over time and the more data you have.

But we can make life easier for sales reps and revenue teams with automation and intelligent AI selling tools.

Comtura, for example, is an AI based selling platform that captures all important talking points and highlights your client's buying signals. You can then sync those signals directly to Salesforce in just a click.

Pretty awesome right?

So you don't need to scribble anything down or have 20 Salesforce tabs open. The result - a seamless meeting experience that leaves both you and your clients happy.

There are other ways you could automate putting things into Salesforce. You could fill csv files with data and upload them to Salesforce. You could also use action based automation platforms.

But those things don't capture data straight from the source (your prospects) and still require setup and manual data entry.

AI based selling is your best bet for getting the right stuff into Salesforce fast.

How does AI based selling work?

AI based selling works by:

  1. Using conversational intelligence to listen to your meetings
  2. Extract important things your prospects are saying
  3. Highlighting them so you can sync them to your CRM as data entries

At least, that's how Comtura's AI based selling platform works 🦖

The more conversations you have, the better the AI gets at understanding what your prospects want, their objections and pain points.

These buying signals are automatically generated and can then be synced to your CRM in just a click.

So instead of worrying about taking notes during your meeting, or trying to remember what someone said a week later, you can just listen and engage.

The average salesperson spends 7.5 hours per week manually updating Salesforce. Comtura reduces that to just 3 hours.

So do yourself and your team a favor and automate!