Less clicks means more time for Account Executives to sell

Comtura gives you insights you might have missed if you were trying to conduct a meeting, take notes and interpret what your clients are saying.

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How Comtura helps Account Executives

Less admin means more time for your clients

Comtura will sit in on your client calls and automatically fill your CRM with impactful information. Save yourself hours of admin time every week.

Easily maintain your pipeline

Manage your pipeline by syncing your CRM data into an editable spreadsheet. From there you can view, update and amend accounts or opportunities in one place.

Collaborate with Comtura's smart notes

Create detailed notes using Comtura’s smart note taker for your meetings. You can browse, search and edit notes and templates, and automatically sync them with your preferred CRM.

Stay on top of your tasks

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when tasks keep piling up. Our task manager helps you organise and manage your daily tasks across all accounts. It’s super quick and easy to use.

Everyone is selling more using Comtura

So many people have smashed their revenue targets in the last 30 days, and you could be one of them! Don't waste another second on admin, let Comtura do the work for you so you have more time to sell.

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