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Optimise revenue playbooks by replicating what works across your team. Capture top performance and automatically turn impactful data into guides which transform your revenue teams into superstars.

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Fossil Plan


For small revenue teams looking to get started on maximizing revenue performance.

  • Tasks Manager
  • Pipeline Manager
  • Notes
  • Chrome extension
  • Salesforce Dictation
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For AEs, RevOps, CSops, CSM leaders and managers looking to go from manual to automated.

  • Everything in Fossil plan
  • Team views
  • AutoCRM (10 hours of meetings included)
  • Search transcripts
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For revenue leaders, managers and operations looking to boost revenue and optimize RevOps.

  • Everything in T-Rex plan
  • AutoCRM (50 hours of meetings included)
  • AI Summaries
  • Contact roles
  • Predictive revenue actions
  • CRM Scanner - COMING SOON

Revenue Intelligence for Everyone

Whether you are an AE, SDR, BDR, RevOps Sales Manager or Sales Director, Comtura helps you uncover that siloed data to close more deals.
  • Business Development Representatives (BDRs)

    Don’t spend half your day updating your CRM. Easily qualify your leads, smash your quotas.

  • Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)

    Stomp on your Revenue targets. Know exactly what your projects pain points, objectives and next steps are.

  • Sales Enablement

    Use our AI driven conversational intelligence to hire, train and empower reps like a beast.

  • RevOps

    Keep your whole funnel accountable. Our AI driven insights will uncover hidden opportunities, recommend next steps, and analyze your conversations.

  • Account Executives (AEs)

    Comtura gives you insights you might have missed if you were trying to conduct a meeting, take notes and interpret what your clients are saying.

  • Sales Leaders

    Ensure your reps are doing their best, your CRM entries are complete, your coaching is on point and your revenue cycle is fine tuned.

Everyone is selling more using Comtura

So many people have smashed their revenue targets in the last 30 days.

Instead of wasting time listening to 20 calls a week, I can spend a few minutes looking at key signals and know exactly what I need to focus on to keep the sales pipeline moving.

Comtura has completely changed the way I work and manage my sales team. I can review meeting insights across all accounts and see exactly what's happening in deals without having to watch call recordings all day.

I can get a bird's eye view of sales operations, evaluate performance and make sales and revops training and onboarding easier all at the same time it's great.

Comtura is so very useful. At a glance I have account visibility across my revenue generating team. I can use all the valuable insights I gain to train sales staff, find growth opportunities and improve sales operations.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.
    See our service in action by watching our Intro to Comtura video. is where you can create an account
    For Sales Managers, Comtura helps optimise revenue playbooks by capturing top performance in sales calls and automatically turns impactful data into guides to implement across your team. For the Sales Reps, Comtura automates Salesforce data entry so they can focus on selling instead of admin. We suggest useful transcription snippets from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Gong calls to push them into Salesforce fields.
    Comtura’s AI pulls out relevant pieces of sales conversations from your web calls. Use your prospects words in your notes instead of spending hours on data entry.
    Comtura supercharges your sales notes by embedding Salesforce objects and fields into your notes directly. No need to jump between your notes and Salesforce any more!
    Comtura integrates seamlessly with your current stack. We integrate with Gong, Microsoft Teams and Zoom for videoconferencing, Salesforce and Hubspot (coming soon) CRMs.
    Comtura is a subscription service starting from $29 a month.
    Our subscription packages start from $29 a month.
    We are a team of 6 at Comtura. Click here to find out more about us.
    Sure, all our logos can be downloaded here.