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Automate your CRM admin by syncing what prospects are saying directly with your CRM. Forget handwritten notes, re-watching meetings and 20 open Salesforce tabs.

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Fossil Plan


For small revenue teams looking to get started on maximizing revenue performance.

  • Tasks Manager
  • Pipeline Manager
  • Notes
  • Chrome extension
  • Salesforce Dictation
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For AEs, RevOps, CSops, CSM leaders and managers looking to go from manual to automated.

  • Everything in Fossil plan
  • Team views
  • AutoCRM (10 hours of meetings included)
  • Search transcripts
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For revenue leaders, managers and operations looking to boost revenue and optimize RevOps.

  • Everything in T-Rex plan
  • AutoCRM (50 hours of meetings included)
  • AI Summaries
  • Contact roles
  • Predictive revenue actions
  • CRM Scanner - COMING SOON

Everyone is selling more using Comtura

So many people have smashed their revenue targets in the last 30 days.

Instead of wasting time listening to 20 calls a week, I can spend a few minutes looking at key signals and know exactly what I need to focus on to keep the sales pipeline moving.

Comtura has completely changed the way I work and manage my sales team. I can review meeting insights across all accounts and see exactly what's happening in deals without having to watch call recordings all day.

I can get a bird's eye view of sales operations, evaluate performance and make sales and revops training and onboarding easier all at the same time it's great.

Comtura is so very useful. At a glance I have account visibility across my revenue generating team. I can use all the valuable insights I gain to train sales staff, find growth opportunities and improve sales operations.